On the Biology of the Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorus) - Some results revealed by Satellite Telemetry

C. Meyburg, B. -U. Meyburg, F. Ziesemer & H. D. Martens


In the time frame 2001 to 2011 we fitted 12 adult German Honey Buzzards (seven males and five females), primarily in Schleswig-Holstein, with solar powered satellite transmitters (PTTs), of various types and producers, weighing 18-22 g. 13 transmitters were used. In the last three years four males and two females were fitted with GPS transmitters. In 2010 and 2011 we used 3-D transmitters which, as well as GPS fixes, transmit data on flight height, speed and direction. A female was caught again after three years and fitted with a new transmitter. A male and another female were re-trapped after two years. In the case of the male the transmitter was not replaced as it was still in good working order. In the case of the female the transmitter was removed without being replaced by a new one.