J. Raptor Res. 41: 165-170

Post-fledging behavior and outward migration of a hybrid Greater x Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila clanga x A. pomarina).



A mixed eagle pair, consisting of a Lesser Spotted Eagle male Aquila pomarina and a Greater Spotted Eagle A. clanga female, which bred in an area in northeast Germany settled only by Lesser Spotted Eagles, and some 600 km outside the breeding range of the Greater Spotted Eagle, produced a single offspring which was fitted with a satellite transmitter while a nestling. The young hybrid chose a south-westerly outward migration route which, in contrast to the Lesser Spotted Eagle, is not uncommon for the Greater Spotted Eagle, although the initial migration took an almost easterly heading. An abrupt change of direction occurred, however, after 200 km. On 27 October, after covering a distance of 2,430 km, the young eagle reached the most southerly tip of Italy where transmitter fixes broke off. The average daily flight distance of 78.4 km compares more with that of four young Lesser Spotted Eagles (63, 75 , 97 und 152 km per day) as that of two young Greater Spotted Eagles (34 and 48 km per day) which were also fitted with transmitters. The migratory behavior can therefore be described as being intermediate between the two species.